Community Improvements

Sustainable Solutions for the Community

In keeping our promise of "Building Communities, Enriching Lives", we improve and enhance our projects, making it a more pleasurable place to live and work in; ultimately benefiting the community as a whole.

Eco-Friendly Features

Trinity Group is committed towards artistry, sustainability and city-building. These commitments  led to the fruition of projects like The Z Residence with its eco-efficient features. The Z Residence was designed with 50% greenery to preserve the environment and maintain a cool microclimate, while double glazed windows are used to minimise glare and heat.


Connectivity via Link and Ramps

Other efforts include spending RM3 million to build a connecting link between the Z Residence and the Bukit Jalil Highway, as well as a RM7 million access ramp for the Zest that has significantly reduced travel time and consequently contributed to a 100% yield in capital appreciation.

Road Widening and Single Entry-Exit Point

The current two-lane road serving Trinity Aquata is being upgraded to four lanes to reduce congestion and ensure a smooth flow for the residents of Trinity Aquata as well as the surrounding communities.

For easy access and manoeuvrability for larger trailers and trucks, a single entry and exit point is built at Latitude 9.


Delivering Ahead of Schedule

Our maiden project called The Heron Residency which was launched in 2005 was delivered 8 months ahead of schedule, while the Semi-Detached factories at The Latitude @ USJ 19 and 19 Residency were delivered 11 and 10 months ahead of schedule respectively.