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A tale of two Trinities

Misc - Thursday, 12 July 2012

A property developer is unhappy with the negative publicity over MCA's latest expose, simply because it shares Talam Corporation's new name.

Trinity Group Sdn Bhd is none too pleased with all the attention over the MCA-Selangor-Talam issue. This, according to its managing director Dato’ Neoh Soo Keat, is because it shares the same first name with Talam’s new name, Trinity Corporation. Talam’s name change, Neoh said, not only confused the public but also caused them to shy away from Trinity Group’s projects.

“On Aug 18 last year, it was discovered that Talam renamed their company to Trinity Corporation…almost immediately, there was a lot of confusion. “We tried to talk to Talam [over the name change] but there was no solution, [so] we took them to court,” a distressed Neoh told reporters at Trinity Group’s Puchong office today.

According to Neoh, Trinity filed a suit against the former Talam at the KL High Court in November last year. Proceedings ended on May 17 this year. Both are awaiting a decision. Neoh hoped that the Trinity name would be returned to him, along with some compensation. As far as Neoh is concerned, the damage has already been done, and made worse by MCA’s revelations. He was reluctant to state what kind of damages last year’s name change did to his company, citing subjudice.

However, Neoh said that several of Trinity Group’s potential customers cancelled their purchases with the company after MCA’s Young Professionals Chief Chua Tee Yong made his allegations against the Selangor government on July 3. Several of Trinity Group’s projects include The Heron and Zest serviced apartments, the Z Residence and the Zeva @ Equine South.



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